What you need to know about networking

What you need to know about networking

Members of PM Group’s UK team recently took part in a graduate networking event at Aston University to present our Next Graduate Programme to final year students and to get to know potential applicants.

The event also provided students with an excellent opportunity to learn more about the roles on offer from a range of different employers.

To get the most out of networking events, you must become really good at working the room and holding as many relevant conversations as possible.

With the concept of networking becoming ever more prominent in job hunting, here are our 3 top tips for maximising such occasions and help you land that dream job:

  • Get involved. Networking events are all about making your presence known – join in on conversations as you just never know where they may lead…
  • Set objectives. It’s very easy to get lost in conversation! Knowing what you want to get out of the session will help you steer the conversation accordingly
  • Open the door for a follow up. If talking with a potential employer, ensure they know how to reach you, or better yet get their contact details so you can follow up with them directly afterwards!

We are still taking applications for our 2017 graduate intake in the UK.

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